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Kimmy's Story...

In April 2001 I went to my pediatrician after noticing sudden weight gain (40+ in a few months), moon face, buffalo hump, easy bruising, exhaustion, etc... He pieced it all together and ordered testing for Cushing's. After a series of blood tests, MRIs, CT scan, and 24-hour urine, they found a tumor on my pituitary gland.

I was sent to Boston to see Dr. Lynne Levitsky at Mass General. I spent my 17th birthday in the hospital for Petrosal Sinus Sampling. July 19, 2001 I had surgery at Mass General. I spent 4 days in the hospital, several weeks on Dexamethasone, and many months on Cortef. As of June 2002, I am no longer on any meds (except Synthroid--hypothyroid since age 9).

I have lost the weight that I gained and lead a normal life now. (I don't get tired walking across a parking lot!) I actually did not find these boards until recently, but now I post and chat with other Cushies. I enjoy talking with other Cushies! Please feel free to email me at

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