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Kim's Story...

Hi, I' m soon to be 33 years old and have recently had to take leave from work due to increased fatigue, depression and anxiety.

I was diagnosised with Bi-Polar Depression in 1994; however, after the medications made me feel worse I would only take anti-depressants. At that time I was also diagnosis with Panic Disorder/Anxiety & P.T.S.D. and have been taking anti-anxiety medications for that, in 1996 after years of missed periods and/or very painful periods I was diagnosised with P.C.O.S. & Endometriosis. After getting married I was treated with fertility drugs for almost 3 years, resulting in 2 unfortunate miscarriages; however, after they told me I would never be ever have any children I did manage to sneak one beautiful baby boy out...During my pregnancy, I did develop gestational diabetes and toxemia. And about 6months afther his birth I was diagnosised with hyopothroidism (possible Hashimoto's).

I had two kidney stone's removed (3mm & 6mm) in 2004 via lithotripsy. And in June on 2006 had to have a partial hysterectomy due to a degenerating fibroid (larger than a golf ball, but smaller than a base ball) and I had Adenomyosis, which is basicly endometriosis that envades the muscular tissue of the uterus.

Since, then they have rediscovered a 2cm x 2.5cm oval adernal adenoma that they actually saw on a CT I had done in 2004; however, the radiologist did not make note of it because,  "30% of the population are found to have adrenal adenoma's during their autopsy's". (Nice!!) Thankfully, it has not change in the past 2 years and after having an MRI it is not a dense mass; however, fatty.

Also, since my p. hyst I have gained 70lbs in 7months and that was after lossing over 110lbs from my pregnancy and keeping it off.

So, here are a list of my symptoms:

So, that''s my story!!!

God Bless


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