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Kelsey's Story

I'm a 19 year old female who is in her second year of college.

In high school I was very active (a cheerleader and all around very busy kid). Starting about April of my freshman year of I began getting very tired all the time. I also started to gain lots of weight around my midsection and lots of stretch marks on my tummy. I figured it was just the freshman 15 and didn't worry about it too much but when summer started I was so tired there were days I couldn't get out of bed. So I went to the campus doctor and she ran some tests and said I was hypothyoridic and she put me on some meds.

At the time she also ran the tests for Cushings because of all of my stretch marks. My TSH level was only a 3.55 when she started me on the meds. I took the meds for several months but wasn't feeling any better. Since april I have gone from about 140-150 to almost 200 pounds and it has all gone onto my waist.

I wasn't getting any better and she tested my TSH again it they had pressed it all the way down to like .3. But I wasn't feeling any better so I made an appointment with the endo. But it took almost a month and a half to get in for my first visit.

After talking with the doctor for only a few minutes he took me that I could stop taking my thyroid meds because he was pretty sure that wasn't what was causing my problems. Then he went on to tell me that he is pretty sure that I have cushings even though my tests came back fine last time.

I have gained almost 10 pounds a month, have the buffalo hump, my face is ALOT rounder than when I was in high school, all my weight has gone on to my mid section and I have almost no strength in my legs or arms. Also I'm having alot of depression and i seem to be anixous alot. My body aches all over and im soooo tired most of the time. He ran another round of tests on me with the urine and salive tests and I'm waiting on those results. I should find out in the next week when I go back to him.

When he was talking to be he mentioned that I might have cyclical cushings which could take many trys to catch. I'm very stressed out about it all and don't really know where to turn. No one seems to understand how I feel or why im so tired all the time, and it tends to be too much work to try and explain it to someone. I just really want to get this all figured out.

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