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Kelly's Story

Hi, found you guys today after a really crappy day that most of you will recognize, I am sure.

After months of testing at the endocrinologist, I was finally diagnosed with Cushing's in February. Today I went to see a Dr. that I was told was a surgeon, only to find out he was just re-confirming my diagnosis. I did not ask for one, but when my doctor advertised my needing a surgeon close to where I live, he apparently answered the ad. I was confused when his office called, because he is an urologist, but was assured this was what I had to do next. I get there, discover I am expected to pay the co-pay of my insurance at time of service, or a $10 billing fee will be added to my bill. I was not told this when the appointment was scheduled, so I was pretty mad. And this doctor was a condescending jack@ss, informing me that I was "living in a fantasy world"..."surgery couldn't be ordered like a drive-thru order at McDonaled's" (YES, he REALLY said that), and "you don;t seem to have any idea how serious this surgery is" (I was diagnosed with an adrenal adenoma back in November when they first starting testing me for Cushing's at the endocrinologist, and I have been doing tons of research, I have a pretty good idea in regards to the seriousness of the surgery, and haven't been classified as mentally retarded recently, as far as I know)

Anyway (yes, I am ranting because I am still LIVID) he finally tells me the surgeon my endocrinologist originally wanted me to see was too young, too inexperienced, and to the best thing for me was to go with this other Dr., I go to see him March 26th. I have felt like crap for over the last two years, I was relieved to FINALLY get a diagnosis confirming I wasn't crazy (not yet, anyway) and surgery was what the endocrinologist recommended. I don't know, maybe I didn't act as scared as I should have, facing a surgery...not too sure why the Dr. I saw yesterday had to be such a jerk, and still not why I had to see him at ALL, since he wasn't going to be doing the surgery.

I will be calling my endocrinologist this morning when the office opens, and seeing what all this butt-munchery is about. If I have to submit to any more time consuming, expensive tests when I go see the surgeon I was referred to by the Dr. yesterday, I will absolutely lose it.

Was glad to find your sight, relieved that I am not alone and saw some of my own complaints on your boards. I am tired of being fat, tired,etc., and I am so ready for my surgery. I usually am more ccoherent when I type, but I am still very upset from yesterday's events, and just one more reason I couldn't sleep. I am sick of the insomnia, but no one will give me anything to help me sleep. Is this common?

Anyway, thanks for a place to rant, much love to new friends I look forward to meeting.

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