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Kelly's Story

I am 41 years old. I have two children 19 and 14.

I started treatment for HBP * years ago. When my youngest was almost 1 I had a case of what they thought was gout. Then later when she was almost 2 I remember having a problem with what looked like milk from one breast. I was also very depressed and had lots of anxiety.

I had never lost but put on more weight than ever before I was pregant. I weighed about 148 when I got pregnant and then 2 years later I weighed over 200 lbs. I have not seen under 200 since I am only 5'2".

I never told the doctor about the breast milk I just thought it was my hormones. My doctors have never ever said one thing about the possiblities of Cushings. I have stria on my belly. I have had lots of lower back problems. With no insurance you get pain meds and sent home.. And when you are like me you just get over it and go on...No One in my family has understood the pain and tiredness, frustration that I have been through

I have been told that I am a hypochodriac and that I am looking for something to be wrong with me by my husband. We have gotten over that when I saw the mystery diagnosis show and I told him about all the symptoms. There is more to my story but This is enough for now

Please feel free to email Me:

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