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Kelly's Story

Actually it's my daughter that I am trying to have diagnosed. Her name is Kelly, she is 20 years old. She is disabled, has cerebral palsy since birth. She is in a wheelchair, can't walk, but she certainly can talk and very clearly. Anyway, for the last two years, she has been gaining weight around her abs, back, neck and face. Started getting bad, real long red stretch marks around her abdomen and breast about a year ago. She is always complaining about being tired. For the last year her periods are a couple of months apart. Now they are 3 months late. She has been to the doctor several times over the last two years and they keep testing for diabetes or thyroid problems. Both are always negative, and the doctors don't suggest any further tests. I figured if they're not worried I shouldn't be.

In the last few weeks I noticed a hump on her back, and she is also complaining of back pain. Last week I looked up causes for "absent periods" on google. I went through a long list of diseases which none of her symptoms matched UNTIL I got to Cushings Syndrome!! It was amazing, she had nearly every symptom possible! I took her back to the doctor this morning and told them what I suspected, and guess what?! He ordered another round of blood tests looking for thyroid problems again! Why won't doctors listen to you? He said he could do a cortisol blood test but that it had to be done when she first wakes up, and that would be impossible to do unless she's hospitalized. I'm already fed up with him. So this afternoon I call my ob/gyn and tell him what's going on. Kelly has never been to this type of doctor. I tell his nurse what is going on and over the phone she tells me it sounds like cushing's syndrome! THANK YOU! Finally somebody that knows something! We are going to see him on June 16th. I don't know what to expect, what tests come first, second, etc. I'm pretty scared too. I don't want her to have this illness, but if she does, lets get it taken care of.

Sorry for rattling on, but it feels good to get it off my chest by telling someone that KNOWS what it is like! THANKS FOR LISTENING!

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