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Kelli's Story

I am a "newbie" and very interested in educating myself.

I began the diagnosing process after reading an article in a Weight Watchers Magazine, taking it to my doctor, arguing with said doctor, who eventually gave in and gave me a referal to Dr. Ludlam (I chose him after doing some initial "homework" on the web) . To my suprise, Dr. Ludlam actually called me himself (yep, no secretary, ans. service....I was shocked).

After an initial appointment, I was set up to do a series of overnight stays, testing, etc. While I was there, I realized that there is quite a community of Chushings people. I met Karen Nolan. She has no idea (and probably doesn't remember but she made such a huge impact on me. She was filled with information, laughter, and suggestions. She gave me her phone number (which unfortunately I lost) and told me about the web site.

I am now done with the "shock" and am turning into the fighter...I am overwhelmed with all the terms, numbers, norms, expectations, etc. but am trying to learn. As of right now I have just finished my second "4-pak" of home testing kits and have a follow up appt. to go over the results on April 9. I am hoping this set gives better "data" than the first set (the preliminary diagnosis came from the hospital testings).

You all seem to have so much knowledge, endurance, suggestions, and most importantly hope (with a ton of humor added in). I feel better equipped for my fight , with all that behind me....

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