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Kelburb's Story

Where do I begin?

Weighed 135 when I got married, within 3 years had gained 150. Went to 4 different docs specifically about the weight gain, and was told I was fat and lazy, and borderline diabetic, only they called it "obese and inactive" (like that was supposed to sound better). So, I quit asking about it, and started dieting. It didn't work.

So, I gave up on that, and my husband and I started trying to have a baby. No luck. But, as far as my monthly cycle and stuff, everything was normal, no changes. I'd always been like clockwork, and that hadn't changed. I needed to go to a plastic surgeon about some moles, and he started asking me strange questions, about the hump at the base of my neck, my stretch marks, mood swings, etc.

Next thing I know, I'm having a brain scan. Lots of 24 hour urines, and at last count 101 blood draws. Then an MRI. Then a contrast MRI. There it was. A tumor on my pituitary gland. November 6th, they went in to see if they could just take the tumor. No luck, it was spread out, so they had to take the entire pituitary gland. They said my ACTH levels look great (virtually undetectable), but that my thyroid is not functioning correctly, so weight loss is not happening. Not on any meds. Wondering what comes next...

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