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Kathy's Story...

I have low growth hormone. Im 18 years old. Well 19 in less than 2 weeks. When I was young I was really short for my age. I was never on the normal growth chart but my docters said I was fine. In 5th grade I was getting picked on all the time and one of my teachers pointed it out to my mom. So my mom took me to the docters and after tests I found out that I had low growth hormone. I took injections for 3 n a half years. Then I stoped because I wasn't growing much anymore and I just couldn't handle everything anymore. I ended up growing around 13 inches.

For the past 2 years my body has been acting funny. I have been getting dizzy alot, having blackouts, and my heart rate has been going crazy. I went to a couple of docters and they did heart tests, stress tests, and all kinds of things and about two weeks ago the docters realized that I need hormone injections again. My growth hormone is low and the injections may make my body feel better. I can decide if I want the injections but I know the right thing is to have them. Im scared of going through what I went through when I was younger. If anyone has any advice or would just like to talk. Feel free to email me.

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