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Kathy B's Story

Hi everybody! I have been reading through your posts and realize I am not alone. I have been having problems for some time. It started out with joint and muscle pains years ago. Then it turned into various neurological problems, like memory, disorientation, and worst of all my speech. I have constant high blood pressure, high cholesterol and have been told several times my blood sugar is high. I gained 40 pounds and 6 dress sizes almost overnight. I can't sleep at night for the life of me and I never eat during the day. I have been told possible fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, stress, called a hypochondriac - you name it. I have been searching for answers for 5 long years now to no avail. Doctors just shrug me off.

I always took pride in how I looked and kept active. Now I am in too much pain or too tired. My face has become red and chunky and my belly hangs down and my back got fat. I am at my witt's end. My neurologist decided I had a seizure disorder to explain my poor speech and various other complaints I have. So I kept going to him saying I am getting worse and he kept increasing my Tegretol. I still kept getting worse.

I finally came accross your site and it seemed like I was in familiar territory. The more I read the more convinced I became that I need to be tested for Cushing's. So I went into my neurologist with pictures of what I used to look like and asked him to test me for Cushing's. He took one look at the pictures and immediately agreed. Maybe I'll finally get some answers.

I had just graduated with my paralegal degreei in Florida when I started getting ill.This illness has cost me jobs, friends and a fiance. I am living with my mother now in New York and am left with next to nothing but memories of my previous life. I am blessed to have such a loving mother. Without her I'd be in a mental hospital or in the streets.

I am so glad I found this site. It showed me I am not alone and there is some hope.

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