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Kathy's Story

I am 37 years old and on July 28th I was in a car accident where my car was totaled. I went to the hospital and had x-rays and a C-Scan. Everything looked fine and home I went. Two days later the Emergency room physician called to tell me there was an abnormality in the C-Scan. My thyroid was apparently enlarged. Well, in a way I was relieved because I hadn't been myself for the last 2 years. I had put on about 75 lbs. I was depressed and irritable, lethargic and achy. I attributed it all to being out of shape but now, with an enlarged thryroid, I thought maybe that was my problem all along.

2 days later I went to an endocrinologist and she mentioned Cushing's. She pointed out the hump in between my shoulder blades that I never noticed and the purple stretch marks. I had no idea what she was talking about when she mentioned Cushing's until I researched on the web (which she told me not to do) and I found this site which has been incredibly helpful.

I am currently awaiting the test results for confirmation of the diagnosis and then the doctor tells me I have a bunch of tests to endure to isolate where the tumor is located. So here I wait and feel a little better knowing all you folks are out there and knowing what I am experiencing right now.


Update August 25, 2003

My boyfriend I have been at each others throats and I don't want Cush to be the reason the relationship fails so I have moved to my parents home whilst I struggle with this monster. I love him dearly but I am not myself. My moods have been unmanageable.

August 27,2003

Well the last couple of days I actually felt decent. My muscle aches were MIA and the lethargy was not as prevalent. I wish I could have days like that more often!

I rec'd the results from the blood test yesterday. The results stated that my cortisol was marginally elevated which warranted more testing. The next test is the 24 UFC test.

Keeping my fingers crossed for answers.

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