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Kathie's Story

Two years ago, I was going crazy not knowing what was going on with me. I had been going to doctors over and over again, and they said I was depressed and nothing was wrong with me. My mother read an article in Woman's Day that literally saved my life. It described all of my symptoms.

I was scheduled to see the Doctor once again and I asked to have my Cortisol level checked and it was high.

In June of that year I was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease and two months later they found a macroadenoma on my pituitary. I went in for surgery in October. I still had to undergo a lot of things before I ended up where I am today. I was told all my hormones level are back to normal, I am off the steroids and they told me I was cured. There is that constant reminder every year that it can come back when I go in for my MRI, but I am glad I found out what was wrong with me and that I have my life back and I am in control of my body.

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