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Kathi B's Story...

I am 48 years old. About 4 -5 years ago I started to notice that I was brusing very easily. I was starting to put on weight in my face and around my abdomen. I went to my doctor, and he put it down to aging. With my husband's and my insistance, he started to send us to numerous doctors. Over 2-3 years I had may blood tests, but nothing was ever found. We gave up about 2 years ago. My doctor told me that if I stopped running into things, I would stop brusing. I believe he was just trying to be comical, but it did not help me with what I perceived as still being a problem.

Over the years I have gained about 60 lbs and have gotten more and more tired. I have a hard time making it up one flight of stairs without "pulling" myself up the last few. My strenght seems to be fading in my legs and arms, and I always seem to be tired. For years I have been blaming myself for the weight gain, being tired all of the time, not being strong enough to do my housework. I now have high blood pressure and diabeties. And I not only bruse easily, I am very thin skinned now.

In June 2007 I fell down at work. I went to the emergency room because of the extensiveness of my injury. The emergency room doctor was surprised at the injury because I told him that I have just tripped over a chair and fell on my left leg. I told him that I was thin skinned. He said it was more than that, and that I looked Cushenoid. My husband and I went home and "googled" Cushings. I seemed to have all the symptoms. We went to a Endocrinologist. We insisted that she test me for Cushings. She was hesitant, but agreed. The 24 hour urine test came back at a cortisol level of 851. Then the pill / blood test came back at 24.6. She was surprised. I do not believe she thought we knew what we were talking about. She sent me to have an MRI. I have a Tumor (golf ball size) on my left Adrenal Gland. I am scheduled for surgery on August 29th. They will be removing the Tumor and the left Adrenal Gland.

I am curious as to why none of the doctors / specialists I had been to starting 4 - 5 years ago did not pick up on this. I look the same now (moon face, round belly, etc.) as I did then. I just hope it does not take me to long to get back to how I used to be, or at least somewhat close.

I believe that God works in mysterious ways. If I had not fallen down at work, the emergency room doctor would not have noticed my symptoms. I would still be walking around with a Tumor and not knowing. shall not be held liable for any claim or right to recover damages, including, but not limited to, loss of profit, business, other incidental consequential damages, or other similar claims, even if has been specifically advised of the possibility of such damages.

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