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Kasha's Story

Hello, I am new to all this except being sick and reading about it. All I have for certain is that my cortisol levels have been as low as 0.7 ug/dL, and couple of weeks ago while getting prechemo bloodwork was 1.0 ug/dL.

I never joined a group before and I'm not really sure why I joined this one. I think most likely the reason is that I have learned that if your really going to find out why you are sick you just goto talk to someone that's having the same problems. I ruely hope I make some good friends and learn how to deal with another round of being on my knees for awhile.

Oh by the way I did not make myself very clear, I have sick for going on four years, received and pacemaker and lost 80 pounds while I was in what I suspect to have been an Adreanal Crisis!!

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