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Karen's Story

Presently I am undergoing tests.

It's been hard to get anyone to take me seriously as the medical physicians all believe I must eat too much. It was only upon my husband's insistence that tests were finally done.

Over the past 12 years I have put on a significant amount of weight, approx 130 lbs, which is more than I weighed in the beginning. My life has been extremely stressful, like most people's nowadays I suppose. My cortisol level is now really low, as are my sodium and potassium. The docs are looking into why finally. It has been a constant battle with my weight the past few years. I have tried numerous diets, but my weight only seems to increase. A yoyo dieter you may think? But not so. I am not into eating cakes and candy and deserts.

I find myself getting very frustrated as I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, complex sleep apnea, hietal hernia, etc. Maybe the sleep apnea could have been avoided, I ask myself. I will now have to start sleeping with a VPAP machine. I hate the idea of a machine breathing for me at night just to keep me alive. I now have a brain lesion and a lump on my breast, which means MRIs and mammograms have become a part of my life. I have to see a chiropractor 4 times a week just to keep my spine and neck in place. The extra weight doesn't help. I only hope that doctors start to listen to their patients before things get out of hand.

I am having B12 shots at the moment as that too is low. The B12 shots are at least providing me with a little energy. I am also getting a lot of neurological problems, which can be attributed to low B12, low cortisol, low potassium or low sodium, or from fibromyalgia, take your pick. My complex sleep apnea also wipes me out of energy. I have had to have 3 sleep studies done. The doctor bills are really getting high! All the extra weight is added to by my hysterectomy two years ago, including the removal of my cervix and ovaries.

I am 40, with two young children at home and two at college. I hope my tests show that I can be treated and cured of whatever it is that is ailing me. I am glad there are websites that help us share the frustrations of illness with others as it is good to discuss things with people who know what you are talking about.

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