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Julie G's Story

I live in Melbourne AUS, and am particularly interested in Shelley's bio. I would love to know from which doctor you finally had a break through. I would drive up to Sydney to see a good specialist.

Anyway, two years ago I was finally diagnosed with PCOS/insulin resistance etc. This was a huge relief as I was so ill I would eat a sandwich and nearly pass out because my body couldn't handle the carbohydrates in the bread. Metformin helped tremendously. Nevertheless, I am sure it is not the full picture. I used to be a figure skater in my teens, maintained a weight of 65 kg during my twenties. I am now 37 years old and weight 105 kg which won't budge. I have a hump, the moon face, a disproportional amount of abdominal fat. My blood cortisol is in the normal range, however I am having the 24 hour test tomorrow. If that comes back as normal I might request the saliva test. From reading the other stories it seems that the saliva test can show up problems even if the other tests come back as normal.

My appearance must look bizarre because work colleagues, my son's friends, even strangers have commented on my body and asked why my face looks strange. I am at the point that I just want to stay at home to avoid other peoples comments.



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