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Julie's Story...

Hello, I'm 26 years old from Virginia. I was diagnosed with Cushing's in August of 2004.

I had just bought my first home and was doing a lot of painting around the house...apparently too much, because my wrist started hurting really bad. I thought I had fractured it somehow, so I went to the local urgent care. The nurse practitioner saw me and noticed some symptoms of Cushing's and told me to come in for a full physical. When I came back for my physical, the doctor told me that she suspected I had cushing's and told me to see an endocronologist.

I went to an endocronologist and she ran many tests. But she ended up referring me to NIH. After running blood and urine tests and taking a CAT scan, they found that I had a 4 cm tumor in my right adrenal gland. I had surgery Jan 28, 2005.

Unfortunately, I got a wound infection at one of my incision sites. The doctor's said they weren't about this because my immune system was all wacked out and my skin was messed up as well. I've gone to see my endocronologist and she has started tapering my hydrocortisone. At this point, I'm constantly nauseas and don't have much of an appettie. Hope this goes away soon.

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