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Juha's Story...

I come from Finland, Vantaa (near Helsinki).

In May 1997 I went to doctor , cos I had blood pressure and blood sugar was high. Doctor found that my upper body was fat and neck too. Hands and legs were thin and weak. I hardly could stand up from knee bend. They examined me 4 weeks and result was I had Cushing syndrome. They found that my cortisol values are too high.

Then I must wait time for surgery and in December 1997 I went again to hospital. My head was magnet filming 3 times until they found a tiny tumor. Surgeon talked me and described situation me. Then he asked if I give an assurance for surgery.

Operation was over after 4 hours. I was soon ok and I even asked if I can go to visit my parents to Lapland. But next day I got throw up and I stayed there. Soon I got home and was happy that this all was over. But I didn't know I must visit hospital 5 times yet.

I got again throw ups and I get so weak that I must go to hospital. They put a drop into my hand. I couldn't eat anything. This happened 5 times. I was upset.. first time I suspected if I'm never ok.

At last they found that now I was lacking cortisol. I must begin to eat Hydrocortison pills. I ate them over year. My bones even started get osteoporosis. I started to eat milk products and calcium, after 2 years eating my bones were going stronger. Surgery brought me another bad I am lacking hormones too. I get a testosterone injection every 2 weeks.

After five years I am happy.. working and spending usual life. I have lost 55 pounds too. Everything is going better. If You have same diagnose and wait surgery I want say You that nowadays things are so good...You need not worry...

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