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Joey's Story

Hi Everyone!

My name is Joey and I'm a 21 year old female, undergraduate student at the University of Leicester (UK) studying Physics with Space Science & Technology! My interests include Space & Rocket Science, Music (Jazz Piano, Saxophone, Performance & Song Writing) and Aviation - I'm working towards obtaining a Private Pilots License!

My "journey" towards suspected Cushing's began in November 2007, when I was admitted to Leicester General Hospital with suspected Appendicitus!! Although, fortunately, Appendicitus turns out not to have been the cause of my pain, I am still awaiting a diagnosis to explain the full extent of my symptoms.

Since the suspected Appendicitus episode, I have had several different tests and seen various specialists including a Gynaecologist and Cardiologist, who have diagnosed me with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Hypertension.

In particular, I suffer from severe headaches (sometimes with blurred vision) and fatigue punctuated by episodes of complete exhaustion. I have been overweight from around the age of 13 and am now around 100 kgs at 5 ft 5 height. I have many, large red/purple stretch marks, particularly on my abdomen but now appearing on my chest and underarms. My Mum says that even as a young child I have always had high blood pressure, unusual weight deposition and tendency to be "excessively stressed out" and anxious. My friends and family have always commented they they wish they could have my thin arms and legs - and I've always wished that my belly was of similar proportions!! I find it extremely hard to lose weight and (contrary to what doctors seem to believe) I eat a normal, healthy diet - particularly so for a student!!

My other symptoms include excess body hair, occasional "dizzy/fainting/" spells, hot flushes, mood swings, excessive thirst, muscle weakness (knock knees!), frequent urine & yeast skin infections and cramping/shooting pains in my legs. I also have a red moon face and buffalo hump.

I'm hoping that by joining this website I can learn a lot more about Cushing's and how to go about getting tested for it. My goal is to become healthy again and be able to retake to the skies with a completed Private Pilots License!

Looking forward to chatting with you all!

Best wishes,


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