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Jodi's Story

I have not been definitively diagnosed as Cushings as of yet. I have been having a lot of the S/S's the last few years but was still having my periods.

well now ive been having menstral problems since sept. at first wasnt having any for 3 months then i started my period and it hasnt stopped yet( 3 weeks now). I went to my fam DR and took my older sister with as my healthcare bully.

I have the increased weight on the top half of my body, moon face, buffalo hump, my BP was 180/90, menstral problems, psoriasis, trouble concentrating, very forgettful, fatigue, trouble sleeping, stretch marks, headaches, hot flashes ( i'm only 26).

I printed of the pictures i found on the net of people with cushings and i even took pics of myself and took them with me to the dr. he listened and told me that he thinks that i do in fact have cushings. he ran quite a few tests and when they came back i was floored. my dex suppression test came back normal. 0.5.

i went back to my Dr. and God love him said that he doesnt beleive the results. he says that im not being i hypochondriac and that he believes that there is something going on with my pituitary hypothalamus axis. He has referred me to an internists which i have an appt to see next weds. I also made an appt with the obgyn just in case the two things are not related to each other.

my family has been completly supporttive of me during all of this. I live on the same property as they do and they take care of me financially since im not able to work at the present.

if any body else has had an experience like mine with the dex supp test email me. i will be updating this as soon as i hear of anything.

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