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JoAnn's Story

Hi im a 27 year old with 2 kids and a husband. Back in 1998 Around the time my son was born i started noticing headaches constently. Went to the drs put on meds one after the other. Then my periods started changing. Started one birth control pill after another. Then i started to gain alittle weight. Saw a noutritionist. I went to several different drs being a military wife thats the way it works. You never stay with the same one.

Then we moved to a diffrent military post. New set of primary care providers(PCP). Once again i thought i would find out about my headaches but the same nothing just different meds. No explaination on my irregualr periods.

Moved again a year later to Texas. Then my periods completely stopped. Then My aunt noticed the hump on my back. Weight packed on I thought that i just had a double chin. I went to the dr for the periods. They felt my neck and found a lump. I was sent to get an ultrasound on my neck they found a 3x5 mm nodle on my right lobe. I also was sent to a obgyn to find out why no periods after the military drs could not find out why. But they said the same. so i was given a shot of hormones to get them started but nothing. then i was given Prometrium by another OB i has an allergic reaction, but it worked. Now they are irregular again.

I was sent to a gastroenterologist for my stomach being really hard and bloated i was told i had IBS, so more meds. 2 years later a different military post and new PCP. I have gained so much weight that none of my clothes fit me anymore its been 1 year since they found the nodle. I went to a new PCP and told him that i needed it checked i also told him about my other problems. The hump on my back, no periods, weight gain, the extra fat on my face, my pains in my ankles, knees, and wrists, my left breast is lactating, the darken hair on my face, headaches, and i have a body rash. He wants to start from scratch. So i had some lab TSH and a scheduled appt. for an ultrsound then he said last option Endocrinologist.

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