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Joanie's Story

I was thinking about gastric bypass surgery since trying to loose weight wasn't working out, but before making such a big life changing decision, I thought that maybe I should have my thyroid checked. Even though over the years my primary and GYN both said it was normal.

Well the endo sat me down to tell me everything she was going to do to try and figure out why I couldn't loose weight and during our first meeting said she would look for Cushing's. Long story short, after a few month and many tests a 9mm adenoma was found with an MRI. Dr. M (endo) said go to Albany Medical and have it removed. So on December 13 (2005) I was there bright and early and it was gone by 12:00.

I'm now in the midst of weening off cortisol. I wish I could say it was going well, but nausea and aches seem to be the new feeling. But this too will pass (quickly I hope).

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