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Jevlin's Story

My name is Jevlyn and I am from NC. Iam 37 yrs old with 2 kids and a great husband ! They have stood by me through this nightmare!

I have been batteling this demon for almost 9 yrs now anf finally, I am getting answers to my demon . I hope and pray these's answers will lead me to the cure!!

During the time I was pregnant with my son in 1998 I became very sick and started having terrible pains and Headaches we did a CT scan normal so I began meds and later gave birth to a healthy boy! A few month later I noticed I was always tried and out of breath and my heart rate would fly.

So my journey begins, fast heart rate, weight gain I have never had a problem with weight I have never weighted over 118 lbs at my heaviest, I am 5 ft 1 and very small until this began, dry skin, stomach issues like IBS, and GERD, and then aching pain, feet pn, moon face and all the bad things we all have!!

Now I hope that after 5 Doctors and a hysto but, I kept my ovaries. Well, I hope life now will begin a new and wonderful journey for my family and me!! I am praying for everyone and my thoughts are with you all as well.

On March 27, 2008 I meet with my Endo after my new MRI has shown that my tumor has grown from 4mm to 8.2mmX5mm so now someone will listen and help me I pray!!

If anyone needs to vent or talk I am here for everyone!!

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