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Jennifer's Story

Hey All,

I'm a 43 year woman recently (tentatively) diagnosed with Cushing's syndrome. At this point, my numbers are extremely high, and my doc in town is running tests to determine the source., ruling out scary things like lung cancer, etc.

Unfortunately, there aren't great endo or neuro resources in Tallahassee, so I'll be travelling to Houston soon for petrosal sinus sample testing and any surgery, if it's necessary...

I am a lucky one, in that I think we've caught this relatively early. I have a number of symptoms (many of which I'd attributed to my already diagnosed hypo-thyroidism and the fact that I had a baby at 41), but am living a pretty normal life. I'm just thankful that my gyno suggested testing for cushing's, as my endo never would have, and I'd have been one of the many simply chalked up as an overweight, middle-aged, pre-diabetic, cranky, peri-menopausal woman!

I'm certainly freaked out about all of this, and frightened at the prospect of brain (or any other) surgery, but am optimistic. I just want to be better...the feeling of being nuts, having my weight running away from me, and feeling generally out of sorts and exhausted is taking its toll.

Hopefully continuing to swim two miles three days a week, having a marvelously supportive husband, and chasing after my 18-month old wonder will all serve to "bring me home" very soon.

I look forward to visiting here often, continuing to learn about the disease so that I can be proactive in treatment, and to have dialogue with others on a similar journey.


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