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Jennifer's Story

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am from Georgia. I am 22 years old-married-no children-well my little dog is close enough to a child. This is my story.

All of my problems began when I was 17. I started dating a guy at the age of 15 who is now my husband. At 17 I went for my first pap and I had noticed I had gained a little weight. 34 pounds to be exact. I was 100 pounds at 16 and by 17 I weighed 134. Docs told me that I was settling down to not worry about a few extra pounds. By the age of 18 I weighed in at 189 and my breast were leaking a lot!!! Now remember I have never been pregnant and have no children but yet I could probably feed a infant.

At the age of 19 I got married-bought a house-finished school-and started a new job. My husband and I wanted to try to have children, well low and behold a few months after buying the house my periods completly stopped. So then I went to a OB/GYN and she ordered a MRI. This result came back with nothing and she referred me to an endo. Well I hate going to docs and I just kind of wanted everything to go away on its own.

When the periods were absent about a 1 1/2 -my breasts were leaking bad, the weight was out of control -mood swings were unpredictable and just the feeling of being tired and stressed I finally decided to go to this endo in Oct-2004. He ordered another MRI and this time a small pit tumor at 6mm showed up. He then put me on Dostinex and said I would come back every three months to be evauluated. After 5 months of fighting with the meds and the horrible side effects I told the endo I wanted surgery. He told me no that I was not giving the meds a chance.

I work as a preschool teacher for eight hours a day I could not handle the effects of possible cushings and the meds. So I decided to change endo. I am now seeing a neuro and a endo at emory in Atlanta. By the way I weigh approx 215. Never has weight and severe depression been an issue until now. Hope to update you soon.

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