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Jennifer's Story

Hello, My name is Jennifer, I am a 40 year old female.

For many years i battle with being overweight, living off of salads and water. Walking and light weight training trying to get the weight off. Nothing seem to work. I started feeling tired all the time my skin was turning dark. all the doctors i went to said there was nothing wrong. I just needed to lose weight.

my monthly had always being irr. at the age of 36 they had stop went to a new obgyn for my pap test my prolactin level was high. She sent me to an endocrinology who retested me then sent me for an MRI. Result came back i had a pituitary tumor. I was sent to a top surgeon in Nashville Tenn. The tumor was already pressing on my optic nerve. I had surgery a month later. This is when i learn i had cushing's disease.

I thank God that it was found because, this disease was putting a strain on my marriage. People around me talked about my weight and made jokes. People made my life and my children life miserable. I also thank God because i was at the point of losing my sight.

went for check up 3 months ago i learn that my tumor has started going back. I'm here be cause i need support, I don't know what i will have to face this time around. Pray for me!

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