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Jenna's Story...

I am 12 yrs old. I was Diagnosed with Cushing's Disease in Feb. of '01.

I had been getting fatter and fatter (my high was 160lbs) over the yrs even though I was on a gymnastics team and I didn't eat much more than other kids my age. I was tired all the time, I was getting red lines on my stomach, I couldn't do thing's in gymnastics that I used to, I couldn't sleep,& I had to urinate a lot. I wasn't growing any taller than I was when I was 9. Life seemed terrible.

On a visit to the doctor she examined me. I was way off that chart they keep. It just so happened that her father was a retired endocrinologist.

Later after a couple of tests I was told I had Cushing's. Now I had to travel 4 hrs to Mass General hospital in Boston frequently for endless tests. Finally I was scheduled for surgery in April-the day before my b-day!

After I had gone home I noticed clear fluid coming out of my nose it was spinal fluid. I had to go back and have a spinal tap in my room (ICU didn't have room) with no anesthesia! It was HORRIBLE!!!! IT made me feel sick the whole time I was there.

Now I'm slowly recovering but I don't really have anyone to talk to about this.

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