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Jeff's Story

I am 32 years old. I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor in Oct of 2005.

For two years not much was done except I was given some medicine and told that everything would be ok, that pituitary tumors were no big deal. I finally got to see an Endo in April and he immediately started running more test.

Just since April my endo has diagnosed me with diabetes, hypogonadism, and now he suspects that I may have Cushing's. I am actually doing two 24 hour urine test over the long weekend coming up. I have been pretty sick now for a while and I can't seem to make the people ubderstand that its not just me. There really is a reason why I don't feel well. I have awakened to nausea and vomiting now for over a year and this is pretty much everyday. Of course some days are worse than others.

I have been researching Cushing's since my Endo said that I may have it. In reading the symptoms of Cushing's, it is like reading my medical chart. I work as a pharmacy tech and one of the pharmacist that I work with also looked at the symtoms and was like "wow, you could be the Cushing's poster child." I am scared but in some ways I hope that it is Cushing's because then we will have some idea as to why I am so sick and why my body is so screwed up.

Any suggestions or comments or just to say hello are welcome. I am so glad that I found this site. Thank you Mary O!

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