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Jeanann's Story

My bio I am working with a diabetic nurse practicioner.

For the past year I was slowly losing some of the weight I gained very quickly 16 yrs ago. At that time, I gained 70lbs in about as many months and no matter what I do I haven't been able to take it off. I did not recognize me with my red round face, big belly, swollen legs and rapidly thinning dry hair. I was and still am very fatigued.

I was diagnosed with borderline hypothyroidism and eventually was taking the highest dose of synthyroid. I did not have diabetes at that tim but this occurred about 4yrs ago. My weight stayed up, my hair never came back, and I lost any waistline. My body shaped was a small waistline and too big of hips with stocky legs.

In the past 6 mths I started regain my weight and have now put back on all 35lbs. My belly is back. I have get maternity to accommodate my girth. I was referred tp an endocronlogist by her because she suspected Cushing's.

I did a saliva test for 2 nights and a blood test for cortisol levels and a blood test for the pituitary in the AM. Everything was normal and the doctor's office left a message on my voicemail & referred me back to the nurse practioner.. I still feel terrible & look terrible.

Is there anything else I should pursue regarding Cushing's dx or have the definitive tests been administered? I did look up the myriad symptoms for Cushing's and was amazed to find myself! Its nearly 2AM and as usual I can't sleep. I sure wish I could find a 3rd shift teaching job!

(MaryO Note: Jeanann didn't give authorization to include her email address. Please contact her through the message boards.)

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