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Jeana's Story...

Diagnosed with Cushings in Jan 05- adrenal surg. March 05. Had left adrenal gland/kidney removed. Thought all would be well from there. The tumor was cancerous. Were some spots in lympt nodes and liver. Doc didnt seem to be too concerned at that time. Next CT SCAN showed numerous tumors on liver-says Chemo and radiation will not work. All symptoms are back now, and doc put me on Mitotaine to stop spread of tumors. Says outcome is not good with this type of cancer. Treatable but not curable.

I live in the Kansas City area, and the doctors here are not familiar with Adrenal cancer. After surg. I thought all would go back to normal... now the disease is back. So frustrating.

Anyone else have the adrenal gland become cancerous? Please email me directly. ARCHERYWIFE@AOL.COM

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