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Janice's Story...

Where to start?!

As I find out more about Cushings, I realize that I have had symptoms for more than 20 years. What has brought me to think of Cushings is attributable to my stepdaughter. She recognized that my face shape has changed. I just thought it was fat. The fact the I have gained 50 lbs. in the past 2 years. The fact that I have diabetes and hypertension. The fact that my hair is thinning. And on and on.

As I went thru the checklist, I was astonished at how many symptoms I have. I printed the list and have filled it out. I will take it to the doctor PCP when I go in December for my usual checkup. I hope she'll listen and order tests. If not, I will go to another doctor.

I'm sure glad you're all out there. I was feeling very much a "lone ranger".
Janice (pronounced JaNeece). lol

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