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Janelle's Story

Basically I have had the freshman year from hell. I came to school and had been feeling not that well for about six months. Well the cortisol took over my body. It started when i had a panic attack in October and had to call my dad.

Usually people will say that this is only homesickness and the "freshman freak out" I thought that for awhile but when i kept starting to not get over these depression spells i knew something was wrong. Well, last summer my mom noticed the "buffalo hump" on my back and so we were going to the doctor over winter break, however my mental and physical health had depleated so bad that we decided to see a doctor during thanksgiving. i think that this was the worse thanksgiving ever. not only was i worried about classes but i had no idea what was wrong with me.

my doctor thought i had cushing's so he gave me the cortisol test. i went back to school, and then learned before break that my results were through the roof. so i went back to the doctor to have the blood tests to check what type i had.

according to the readings i was producing enough cortisol for six people. i have the adrenal type of cushings. the doctor's found a tumor on my adrenal gland about as big as a walnut. about three weeks ago i had my right adrenal gland removed. the tumor was bigger than the gland. after surgery the doctor's put me on a steroid because of all the cortisol i lost.

i took two weeks off of school and am back now. i had to drop two class and the first week only go back half-time. I hope that i can find some friends to help me through this because it is so lonely and i don't know anyone who knows how i feel.

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