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Jamie's Story

23 years old female was diagnosed with pcos becuse i have high androgin levels i am 230 lbs have excessive hair growth.

i was 150 before i got pregnant lots of weight gain in very little time. i have high adrenaline levels im waiting to be tested for a tumor thats all i know from what i read an adrenaline produceing tumor. i have anxiety like attacks from hot showers and other random things my heart rate gets fast i can feel my heart beat throught my body and i get thoughts like im gonna die im actually kind of used to it been like that since i can remeber. i get low blood sugers i feel dizzy sick to my stamouch cant spell and really weak sometimes it scares me becuse i dont feel like i have the energy to get something to eat.

when i drink alchahol my back hurts really bad at the top but travels through my spine feels like alot of pressure and i want to crack all the bones in my back to make it go away. for along time id throw up everyday usualy in the morning just feeling really queezy untill something would set it off.

i dont menstrate well at least on my own bcp help that but they make me extra queezy. lately my back hurts all the time. alot of my joints hurt fingers knees. my fingers and feet get pins and needles from time to time. my breasts hurt alot recently started using progesterone cream and thats gone away . ive begun stuttering over the past year not all that often and its like i get stuck on a phraze. also sometimes i pause really long in the middle of a statement its like i just cant get the words to come up. i have alot of strechmarks but figured they were from my pregnancy and all the weight gain. im constipated most of the time. i have kind of a male build small breasts wide shoulders but i do have a small waiste wide hips. i grew hair as far as puberty kind of young around 8 years old but my breasts never really grew much and i didnt start cycling until much later about 14. i know really personal. i also have a really high labido my bf cant keep up with me i think its a side affect from the high androgin levels.

im under the impression that what ever is wroung with me has been wroung for a long time since at least pre puberty. but somethings are just getting worse and i want to have another baby but when i was pregnant before my high blood pressure made me start haveing contractions a cpl times and since they say im infertile now id have to see a fertillity specialist before i can get pregnant and i just dont want to risk loosing a baby becuse i have something worse wroung with me. my daughters my whole world and shes 3 years old now id love to give her a lil brother or sister before shes a whole lot older i guess we will see.

i have more little symptoms and problems im really lost if anyone reads through all this thank you lol

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