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Jamie's Story

I am 18 I live in Amish country, Pa.

I have been having problems most my life with being sick often, rosey cheeks, bruising easily, thin skin, but once puberty kicked everything went down hill. I got very depressed, I ballooned up, I started getting colds a lot more often, very tired very fast, I started getting TONS of dark hair on my arms, fingers, legs, toes, face, neck and chest, had problems sleeping , joints dislocate, skin problems ( tearing, psoriasis, rashes etc.), acid reflux, insomnia and some things I most likely forgot ( memories not the best).

I had to change doctors because my orginal doctor was a dumb dumb who had sent me to a Gyno who said from my symptoms that she thought I had PCOS (which I do) but I know that it is not my only problem. I switched doctors after that and the new doctor did some routine blood work, ( my sugars ar fine) but then I started getting sicker and he tested me first for Lupus also testing my Hormones, my Dhea's came back elevated and my Ana turned out okay. so looking at my body build and figure The next thing he is testing me for is Cushing's which brings me to today.

I find a lot of great support from my best friend and girlfriend Gwen and a few other people. Gwen tries her best to understand me because she herself has many illnesses ( Dysautonomia ( POTS/ NCS), Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Costochondritis, GERD, IBS, Sliding Hiatal Hernia, CFS, Insomnia, Fibromyalgia, Gastroparesis).

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