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Irwin's Story

Hi! I am a 47 year old Medical Technologist that, with the help of my PC Physician, diagnosed my self with hypogonadism (low testosterone). My DR started me on testosterone replacement. He told me that he would feel better if I saw an endocrinologist while on testosterone because he said that hormone therapy can get pretty tricky. BTW I have been ill with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression all my life. I saw the endocrinologist and complained that I was overweight and for some reason was unable to lose weight like I could normally do throughout my life. I am 5'8" and went from about 190 lbs to about 240 which is what I weigh now. I scored high twice on my 24 hr urine test with my second coming in at 155. I just got that news 2 days ago. I am getting ready to take a dexamethasone test over the weekend. This is how I ended up here....

A big thank you goes out to Sue. I called her from the number on the website and we had a big chat about Cushing Syndrome. I suppose the 155 cortisol qualifies me to be here but the DR didn't tell me yet that I have CS.

Thanks for having me,

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