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Iona's Story...

My bio...i currently had a tumor on pitutary removed dec 2004, and may 2006 had radiosurgery on tumor that reappeared august 2005, been on lots of medication to drop cortisol level with still no joy, so im now on waiting list for adrenal surgery to have both removed as my cushings is getting worse by the day. they said i will only have to wait 6 wks.

im 28 years old with two kiddies bethan was is 11 and a boy jordan who is 6 years old it all started after my pregnancy with him , well any one can get inn touch and chat or email about your experiences

Update July 9, 2007:

hi im just updating my pituitary bio, i had my adrenal glands removed three weeks ago,and im feeling pretty rough,ive been put on hydrocortisone 10,5.5 but ive increased it as i feel its to low after having high cortisol levels of 3000 4 five years,

ive lost nearly 2 1/2 stone since my op on 15th june and its now the 8/7 ,which im pleased about ,but as my easrogen is very low im getting sickness so i can only manage to eat chicken soup,

i do look forward to when i feel better which i do hope wont be long as its been a hard five years

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