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Cushing's Podcast Interview Information

How do I listen to shows?

Search the network by keyword or choose from featured shows, show categories, or most popular. When you find a show, simply click on the button on the host channel page. Your computer must have the Windows Media Player . You can download the latest version at the Windows Media Download Site. There is a version of Windows Media Player for Mac users as well. Mac users can also download Flip4Mac for the QuickTime player.

What number do I call into?

Cushing's call-in number: (347) 843-4703

You can set a reminder for any show, which will notify you before the show airs. The call-in number will be provided within the reminder email.

Is this going to be a long distance call?

All phone numbers are local to New York, USA. Therefore, if you are outside the local area, you will be making a long distance call when phoning in to listen to a show. However, many phone carriers provide unlimited long distance for a basic monthly fee. VoIP providers also provide low-cost unlimited long distance service.

Free alternatives include streaming the show on your computer or using a computer-to-phone solution such as Skype. Hosts also have the option to activate a Click-To-Talk feature in their account which allows listeners with a microphone headset to join a show without calling your dial in number, and hence for free.

More info at

Scheduled Interviews

If you want to be interviewed, please PM MaryO or Robin (staticnrg), check the box on the Bio Form or fill out the Interview Form

A time will be arranged for your interview. On that day, please call in to the guest call-in number at (347) 843-4703 about 5-10 minutes before the chat is scheduled.

You can chat informally with the host(s) before the chat begins. You will hear the BlogTalk lady say "BlogTalkRadio" and there will be some Cushing's theme music followed by your introduction and welcome. The first question will be asked.

Talk normally, just like you're on the phone chatting with friends.

Achived audio is available through the Podcast page of this site, BlogTalkRadio or through iTunes Podcasts

This player will play either the last recorded show or, if the show is currently occuring, you can hear the live show.

Listen to CushingsHelp on internet talk radio

Subscribe to the CushingsHelp podcasts on iTunes

Think of our podcast as a radio show on Cushing's. The show consists of many "episodes". You can listen on your computer, or your iPods, completely free of charge.

To listen, you will need to "subscribe" to the podcast feed using a "podcatcher" application such as iTunes. After you subscribe, each time you launch iTunes, it will automatically check if new episodes are available, and if yes, it will download the most recent episode to your computer for you to hear. Then you can sync your iPod with iTunes to get the show onto your iPod for listening on the go.

For help in subscribing to podcasts with iTunes, you can use this tutorial from Apple or if you're iTunes savvy, you can subscribe now!

To be interviewed, please be sure to include your name, email address and check the box that says "I would like to be considered for a Live Interview..."

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