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Inkognita (Anita)'s Story...

I am 48 years old, married, mother of one son and grandmother of three boys, former medical transcriptionist and have suffered from chronic illness most of my adult life. I've had 4 back surgeries, a breast reduction, tubal ligation, total hysterectomy, 3 liver biopsies, shave excision and wide excision of melanoma, sentinel node biopsy and radical node dissection of the left inguinal nodes, insertion of Hickman and Port-A-Cath, and now right adrenalectomy and cholecystectomy. Whew!! I was just diagnosed with Cushing's in 07/03 and adrenalectomy was 08/29/03. I believe my symptoms date back as far as 27 years, shortly after my son was born. In the meantime, I've been diagnosed with hypertension, diabetes, hepatitis, fibromyalgia, degenerative arthritis (spine and various joints), melanoma, chronic fatigue syndrome,and cirrhosis among other things I just can't remember. I've always been a workaholic, but slowly became unable to work due to the extreme fatigue and muscle aches and weakness 4 years ago at the same time I was diagnosed with cancer. I just assumed it was the cancer that was dragging me down. I now know better. I'm pinning a lot of hope on the adrenalectomy to help me feel better. I haven't had a good day in so long I don't remember what it feels like.

I've come to depend on the support of the wonderful members of this site and look forward to your input during my recuperation.

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