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Holly's Story

I haven't been diagnosed yet. I've been ill for 15 years. I was a healthy athlete in my twenties, size 4-6.

Most of my problems started with pregnancy. I had idopathic Post pardum congestive heart failure. They never figured out why.

I developed autoimmune symptoms, gained 80 lbs in 4-5 months. I have low testosterone, I have had my potasium drop to levels where I could have gone in a coma, just wierd stuff, out of the blue.

I gained so much weight to quickly I had to have a tracheostomy for 2 years. I've had a lap band placed in my stomach, I barely eat. I exercised all summer never lost a pound. I don't really try to loose weight anymore.. I forget words so much I am embarrassed to have a conversation with a new neighbor. I have low thryroid. Migraines, weakness in my eyes led to dbl strabismus surgery, vision disturbances. I have been diagnosed with sjogrunes syndrome and sarcoidosis.

My face is round, I have a hump behind my neck, lower voice, and I'm developing more facial hair while I loose the hair on my head. I have read fine inflamed blood vessels on my arms, acne, and my skin tears and bruises very easily. I have so many of the symptoms that I have read on this web site that I feel hopeful that there could be an answer here. But, I am scared of another failure and that somehow this is all my falt. I know that its BS but I am so tired, I am so depressed.

My husband job keeps us moving so I feel like I have to proove myself to every new doctor in every new state we move to. I've had so many surgeries and hospitalizations, each doctor questions the diagnosis of the last. They will begin to test me for cushings this week. Starting with a 24hr urine catch. Then we will see where it leads.

Can you have cushings and still have a difficult time being diagnosed or finding tumors? I mean, even if they know what they are looking for can it still be a difficult diagnosis to make? It just seems like I have almost every symptom on the 5-6 page symptom guide. If I didn't know for sure and have documentation that my body had been through so many seemingly unrelated problems I wouldn't believe it myself.

Thank you for just letting me print these words.


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