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Heather S's Story

My story starts at 19

my PERIOD STOPPED i had lactating breasts(i know gross) and was not pregnant. Anyway i went to a gyno she gave me birth control pills. My period came back. But why did it stop?

So i talked to my doctor, she ordered a MRI; it showed i had a benign tumor on my pituitary gland.I went to a neurologist he referred me to a ENDO.

They did all these tests and asked me all sorts of embarrasing questions then sent me on my way telling me nothing but START EXERCISING AND EAT BETTER.( gee thanks i would have never known that without you.) but why do i have all my fat on my tummy and shoulders so much hair on my body(am i just gross?) depression acne that hurts (no matter what ido )fatigue

im still in the process of more tests but im glad ive found some answers

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