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Heather's Story

I have all the symtoms of "cushie" and am not liking what it is doing to my life .It has brought me down heaps.

I'm a mother of two beautiful children & i found it hard to keep up with them.It started with my headaches which i blamed the kids for wearing me out then the tiredness plus a big weight gain. From 58 kgs to 82 kgs in a few months.

I went & seen my local doctor who told me i needed a routine with my children(which i already well) everything was becoming too much when the rash had broken out all over me(it doesnt like the heat either)so i found out when i was doing some gardening ..

So back to the doctors again.She told me it looks like i may have sinus problems and give me predisone 25 mg to calm it down.well what a blow out that was ,it made the rash burn under my skin like someone had poured acid all over me & buggs crawling under there too.I blew up in the stomach,neck & the face even worst then before i took the medication.I look in the mirror & i cant see me anymore...the person i was about 4 yrs ago is no longer with me but I'm hoping it well all change after my CT scan & 24 urine test..

Just a few more days to wait for the results..Fingers cross..its mild..Keep you posted..Heather the worrier down under..

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