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Harry's Story

my name is harry. i'm a 38 year old male. and i'm scared and worried.

just a little background info. i went for my cdl physical in oct 2007 was told i was a diabetic and i gain 20 lbs in 4 months.

in jan 2008 my regular dr had a family emergency and i had to see the other doctor i gained another 15 lbs no concern to her .

went again in march 2008 gain more weight she ordered bloodwork. test came back normal.

went in may 2008 had back pain gain more weight was told to take fiber pills. finally got discussed with her had to tell her that i wanted an appointment with an endo.i gained almost 150 lbs over this period.

had my 1st appointment with the endo in aug 2008 she said that i may have cushing's. she ordered a 24 urine and bloodwork. i met with the pa last monday she ordered another 24 hr urine and a acth blood test with a dexmostase blood test. they gave me the results of the 1st urine and bloodwork over the phone this last set of tests they would not release over the phone. i have to get the results from the dr. on monday. i called my family dr and they were told by the endo office not to release the results to me.

so here is my question should i be wooried that it is bad news since they won't release the results to me? and if it is cushing's what other tests will be done? and if i need surgey how soon until they do it? i need to be back at work full-time by nov 1 2008 because i work for a home heating oil company.

i would like any answers please.

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