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Hallie's Story

I am in search of answers.

I have had my thyroid killed off because of grave's disease and have had major problems ever since.

I feel like I'm the crazy one and am hoping to find some help through this site.

Update January 27, 2008

I believe I have Cushing's. I am going to try and post some pics and you can tell me what you think.

I had been diagnosed with graves disease and had my thyroid killed off with radioactive iodine about a year ago. Within three weeks of that “therapy” I gained twenty-two pounds. I continued to gain some more weight while dieting and exercising. I had seen my doctor at the Cleveland Clinic in south Florida and he dismissed all of my attempts at losing weight and essentially said it was my own fault that the weight was not coming off. What a complete buffoon!

I have most recently been put on a strict diet. I eat approximately 600 – 800 calories per day and do an hour on my elliptical everyday. Also, I walk 3 miles at 4 mph three to four times a week. My elliptical says that I burn an estimated 940 calories and walking 3 miles I burn around 300 calories. I haven’t lost anything except maybe a bit more of my sanity.

The following are the symptoms I have and they are the reasoning behind why I KNOW I have Cushing’s disease:

I had the overnight dexamethasone suppression test done and the results came back that my levels were suppressed. It has been found, however, that in cases where people have a mild and/or periodic Cushing’s syndrome and the identification of hypercortisolism is difficult, suggests that this test should no longer be used to exclude these people from further workup for Cushing’s disease.

Please help me fix myself. I am doing everything in my power and need all of your supporte and help through this excruciatingly exhausting process.


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