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Gina Lynn's Story

Hi To All!

I am so excited to see this site all about Cushing's!! I feel better now that someone will understand me instead of think " well I think that's all in your head of I have never heard of Cushing's" I am a 32 yrs. old and the proud mother of 2 girls and I have been married for 13 years! My journey has been long and hard, but I believe there is hope! I have been to many doctors in my life and now finally a doctor seems to have some answers! I had my first BIG surgery when I was 15 and I had my left ovary removed and was told I could never have children because of the cyst that they saw on my remaining ovary! They saved it after 6 other surgeries removing the remaining cyst that kept coming back! Well, at 20 I was pregnant with my first child, doctors were amazed and at 24 I was pregnant with my 2nd! Then that's where my story goes wild!! Since the birth of my second daughter, my health has been going down hill! All doctors told me that some women after child birth are never physically the same! But see the catch was at the birth of my 2nd daughter I weighed 115 and 6 months later I was 225!! That was the start of a nightmare!! My weight just kept going, I started losing my hair, my stretch marks were purple from all the weight gain, I started sweating like I was running a race! I was so tired and depressed that going out of the house was horrible! Mind you all my doctors told me pull away from the table, exercise more this is very common in some women!

I remember thinking I was crazy! For the next couple of years I had alot more problems! At, 25 I had a Hysterectomy, at 26 I had my gallbladder removed! And at 30 I was admitted to the hospital because my pulse rate stayed at 126 at all times, I felt that my heart was going to burst! Now I'm only 5'2 and at my heaviest weight ever 280! People who went to school with me would walk right past me because they didn't even know it was me! I was always a active healthy person! Finally it took me a long search one night on the Internet to find that I wasn't crazy or an over eater, I saw a persons story about Cushing's and my heart dropped, I felt she knew me. So just recently, I wrote a letter telling my story to a Dr. Lewis Blevins in Nashville, Tennessee! I ask if he could see me because I was at the end of my rope! He personally called me and gave me a appointment and just last week he told me I had Cushing's and Empty Sella! I cried for hours that finally someone believed me and cared! I go back next week for him to go over my medicine! After all these years I had finally had a answer! He believes I had to have this problem for years but years ago know one really knew alot about Cushing's! I am very excited and scared at the same time!

I hope someone will read my story and maybe can tell me if some of my symptoms are ones they too, have had! I look forward to being on this site and learning more about Cushing's and meeting someone who understands what I've been going through! Thanks For Listing!! May God Bless You All!!


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