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Gina's Story

Not sure of my diagonsis yet. but here is my story.

I ran the marine corp marathon in October of 2004 and went to India on a business trip in Jan 2005 right after tsunami. I felt very good ater the marathon (first one) but did not feel so good after my trip back from India. Saw my internist to tell him that I felt kind of out of it and he said it is jet lag. I had never been to India so I said must be.

A few more weeks went by and still felt the same. He said maybe you have depression...let's try anti deppressants. I said no. I continued on and asked him what could it be and he said maybe perimenopause, get your hormones checked (I am 44). Did that and they came back at normal levels. Went to the ENT and tried several dizzy tests and other things and said you look fine, maybe some anithistamines, maybe allergies.

Went to OBGYN for annual and told her how I was feeling and she said let's try some birth controls pills, maybe you are low on estrogen (Maybe the perimenopause thing and you are 44 and it could be happening). Refused all the meds due to I knew this was not it ( you go with your gut).

I have always been called the energize have the energy level of five people! I have 4 kids...7,8,9,10 (yes 4 kids infour years and I am a VP of Business Development (not trying to impress you, but to show you that I can handle anything and to be on all the time!) I am still feeling bad...anxiety, nervous, out of it, being out in the sun made me feel more out of it, fatigue, arms felt heavy, out of body feeling at times, lack of concentration, what is on my brain had a hard time coming out of mouth, brain fog, etc.

I finally went back to my internist and he still wanted to put me on antidepressants and I refused. I met someone that knew a natropathic dr that maybe able to help you. I had some of the same feelings and he had me do a siliva test and saw that my cortisol levels were high. She was on 4 anti depressants (she was looking for help and they were not helping, only making matters worse). I took a siliva test and it came back with high cortisol levels.

The Natropathic doc said with the marathon and the trip to India it may have taken a toll on you and pushed you over the edge. She recommended licorce extract, cod liver oil and a beef up your adrenal pill. I was hesitant to take it so I asked my internist (not sure why since all he wanted to do was to put me on antidepressants) and he said be careful with licorce extract, it causes kidney failure. Well I did not continue but asked what do I do now with a high cortisol level and he said you need to send an endocrin.

I have started this path with lots of blood and urine tests. They are all coming back with high cortisol levels. Just had an MRI of the pituitary gland and a CT of the adrenals. MRI looks good and the adrenal has a 7 mm lobulation or nodule so I am being referred to Dr. Mary Lee Vance for further clarification. I am sending her my CDs and she will see if I need to see her.

I feel like I am making progress now but it has been a long time living like this and it is not fun. It has been a very fustrating almost 3 years. I don't wish this on anyone. I feel the medical community is not aware of this and could not recognize it if it hit them in the face. With the symptoms that are associated, ENT, psych, internal, OBGYN, orthopedic, etcs. should be aware of this and refer patients to endrocrine drs.

I am so glad that I did not take the meds that were offered me or I think I would be worse off than I am now. I do not signs of cushings but have many symptoms. I will keep updating as I meet with Dr. Mary Lee Vance.

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