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Gayle's Story

I have been reading now for a few days to see what I could find out about cushings. I was looking for information on this buffalo hump - thought I was just getting fatter there too - and found you all! I am just at the beginning of this - met with my ENT today -who took one look and said probable cushings . .now I have to schedule the endo. I have had most of these symptoms for years and of course it was all in my head or premenopausal.

I will turn 50 in Feb. and am a single mother with 3 at home the youngest being 15. I am the sole supporter.

Have the depression, the weight gain, the hump, lethargic as far as energy goes, can't walk thru the mall without sitting and sitting... just diagnosed with thyroid nodules with possible surgery impending. Just bought my home.

Sorry we have to be meeting here but glad to have found you!

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