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Gail's Story...

1979 Ovarian Cyst removed

1980 Birth of son, difficult to concieve, no problem with pregnancy

1981 Ovarian Cyst removed

1984 Ovary removed

1986 Ovary removed - Started to retain fluid, giving Diuretics, until 2000

1988 Womb removed due to constant bleeding – given a number HRT, no benefit

1991 Attacked suffered mental breakdown leading to breakup of marriage Attempted suicide 3 times – treated for depression

1995 Back to normal self, although very tired all the time

1997 Met Darren and went back to work, step-father died suddenly, left to care for Mother, R/A total dependent – Very stressful, she died Oct 2003 aged 67 yrs Ovarian Cancer/Lung

Had a number of normal thyroid function test GP insisted depression, I Insisted Not 1998 Tiredness and fatigue continued, gave into Seroxat

1999 Saw Dr. Martin Hayes Allen and commenced Thyroxine, Ok for short time, Then Tertroxine. Improved dramically for a few weeks, then returned to feeling Same as before.

2000 Stopped work have not worked since New GP that is understanding to a degree, referred to a dermatologist, who Said poor lymphatic drainage and to continue diuretics, my GP was concerned That I have been taking duirectics since 1988 and stopped them.

Next referred to infectious disease who tried sleep test, No end result But was told blood test showed that some of my problems did relate to my Mothers R/A

2003 Endocrinologist. Bloods were taken and an appointment madefor 10 days later, When I got home I had a call saying that I should return next morning and that I shouldnt get as much rest as poss. And not to rush around. Next morning in clinic I was told that my Cortisol levels were dangerously low, a reading of 70 in a range of 240-400. I was given an injection and bloods taken, then a phone call later to say I was OK and that was that


• General constant fatigue and malaise
• Unrefreshing sleep
• Poor concentration
• Aching joints and muscles
• Inability to carryout much physically demading task for longer that a short period
• Fluid retention, especially upper body, puffy face and hands, swelling around eyes causing headaches
• Dizziness and faint feelings
• Cold hand and feet on right side
• Skin very dry and sensitive
• Erratic bowel movement
• Erratic temp. 35-36.4 but internally feel as if burning up inside.
• Hot Sweats during night, and early morning
• Blurred vision
• No libido
• Always hungry – feel tired and bloated after food
• Weight gain – 4 stone in past 3 years +, 1 stone in past 6 months
• Migraine Headaches, flashing, coldness, swelling,
• Weakness in right side of body

I have no quality of life, My sleep is unrefreshing and concentration awful. If I do chores around the house, I will walk away from one thing and start something else, or just have to sit then the next thing I am asleep

Tried Thyroxine – felt poisoned

6 stones weight gain over 5 years

Diagnosed CFS – Dr. Read Hallamshire Hosp. Went to hosp with Mother, Dr said that blood had show that something) to do with Mothers condition. RA since the age of 16years. Treated with H/C

Seen Endo – Prof. Wheatman – synacthen test –showed low then OK At this time had 2 admissions to hosp. Very dizzy.

Been on 2.1/2 grains of Armour 1 year to 18 month - fine

7 weeks ago started to go downhill

5 Wisdom tooth and bone removed

Now – Symptoms

Bloated worst than ever seen before

Joint Pain, Back pain, server pain in left wrist joint

Developed small hump – just below back of neck

Upper body – abdomen very distended

Very enlarged Round face, solid down into neck area

Often confused, mixed up

Sleep pattern changed

Fatigue – exhausted all of the time, yet at the same time, edgy

Low Self confidence due to how she looks

Vision – Blurry

Feels on the edgy of dizzyness quite a lot.

Could be depressed, but will not allow self, Fearful of future, money etc.

Boil like spots, very inflammed, last for weeks sometimes, never on face, usually abdo.

Lose thought pattern.

Lost nearly all eyebrow hair, pubic and underarm

This just seems to go on and on. I am due to see a conslutant on Tuesday. His field is, Adrenal and Thyroid. My husdand spoke on the phone to him last week, and he wants to see me urgently.

For the past 4 weeks I have thought it might all be down to Cushings, but after coming to this site, I'm more convinced than ever.

The problem will be even worse if this Dr. agrees, he is not part of the NHS system,therefore the hospital Endo's would still need convinced.

I am so sick and tired, and feel that this is the end of the road, I feel I have seen just about everybody only to be told everything is negative

I am my wits end, I feel like it's madness to hope for a tumor, but on the other hand I feel like giving up and am scared of how I might be if someone does'nt listen to me very soon


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