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Gail's Story

In 2002 I was diagnosed with diabetes. I was referred to an endocrinologist. I was diagnosed with Cushings after several tests. It was determined that it was from a pituitary tumor. I had surgery May 2003.

My symtoms got better but then returned. I had another tumor. I then went to UVA to see Dr. Mary Vance. She referred me to Dr. Laws at UVA who removed that tumor April 2005

A few weeks later, I was diagnosed with another tumor. I then had the Gamma Knife procedure at UVA in October 2005. I had an MRI in April, 2006 and the tumor had not changed, but my Cortisol seems to be going down.

I will have another MRI this month and I am hoping a change will show even though it could take years to know if the radiation worked. I feel confident since my Cortisol is better.

I feel so blessed to have such great physicians in NC & VA.

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