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Gail B's Story...

In March I went to the doctor to seek help with bronchitis. When they checked my blood pressure I could tell I was in trouble! 190/115. I had no idea. The other problem was blood in my urine!

Well I went home with my array of medications and thought I must be more aware of what my body was telling me. I had no idea what was about to follow. The very next day I was doubled over in pain that was too difficult to bear. The diagnosis? a kidney stone. No one in my family has ever had that! Not even my 99 year old grandpa.

OK so with that they sent me for a CAT scan. Which revealed not only a kidney stone, but ovarian cysts and a growth on my adrenal gland. It took several medication adjustments to get my blood pressure under control and when they did they decided I was OK to follow up on these cysts and adrenal problem. I never passed the kidney stone, it's still there.

I was sent to a surgeon who assured me that the adrenal problem wasn't one at all and that we'll check it again in 6 months. less than 2 weeks went by when I had a bout of phlobitis. I was also seen 2x by the doctor because I was complaining about my heart pounding in my chest, blurred vision and muscle weakness. My doctors contacted the surgeons office again and the surgeon called me at work and told me he was ordering a blood cortisol test. I was actually relived to learn all these things were connected (including a stomach ulcer that I still have to deal with).

But now that I have had the surgery - why is it taking soo long for the recovery? Why am I more knowledgeable about this syndrome than my doctors? Who can I turn to for help with the recovery process?

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