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Gail's Story

Around age 40 I started developing medical problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and weight gain. My family repeatedly told me I needed to take care of myself but no matter how much I dieted I would never lose weight. I became frustrated and continued to eat. No matter how much medicine I took my blood pressure was always still borderline and my diabetes was not really good, stayed around 170 to 190 in the AM. I was on the maximum amount of medicine before insulin.

Because I had tried to diet and everything was still out of control my coworkers suggested I see an endocrinologist. Many times I almost cancelled thinking what could they do.

On my initial visit my doctor suspected Cushing's because my face and neck were extremely red, round face, middle stomach weight, skinny legs, bruising on my forearms, and facial hair.

She said it was so rare but wanted to test anyway. It took approximately 3 months to test and finally she narrowed it down to Adrenal. I had an adrenalectomy in the end of April of 2002 and I am now on my way to recovery.

Recovery is very difficult and not what I expected. I felt nauseous all the time and very weak. I finally started taking Zanex for my stomach and the nausea has gone away unless I have a lot of stress then I may get sick and weak for that day. It's hard to realize when you are suffering from stress or not.

The weakness in my arms and legs is difficult to deal with.

It's hard for people to understand this recovery and I am trying very hard. I hear it could take anywhere from two months to one year before my other adrenal gland starts working.

I have already lost 24 pounds without really trying.

I am very interested in the stories that are posted on this site and appreciate any help on an easier recovery.

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